What jacket should I buy?


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So hello, I am in need of a new jacket for the winter.

So, I definitely want to have something in the WW2/Wehrmacht style of the Germans so I've come up with some ideas.

My first idea:
A uniform-jacket with one of those two patches: the first one is the "Gebirgsjäger"-patch (left, translates into mountain-hunter), it's really nice but it also has some problematic background since the people that used to wear it in 1930-1945 were some kind of elite-force that hunted enemys in the mountains, you get it?) and the other one is a patch of a Marine-engineer (right).

My second Idea:
This jacket (full-leather) from 1940 (original). But... it somewhat looks like you're hiring prostitutes, so I'm not really sure if I should wear this in school....

Also, regardless of which jacket, I want this clock:
Looks like one of a US-pilot. Is not original and remade in 1972 (still works tho since was produced, then never sold).

What do you think? I'm fire for the first outfit, but the second does look cool as well. If you have any suggestions for jackets, please let me know >w<