Announcement The Counter-Strike Café is back in the game!

An announcement!


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Adressing a Major downtime!

So uh, we were down for now almost 2 months. So, what's the reason?
Well, we ran out of funds >w< since no one donated. That's pretty sad, but it is how it is (and we also don't want to flood our website with ads).
So now you could maybe expect some downtimes every now and then, but it shouldn't be a very big problem,
however, we still need donations since we want to go back to premium-hosting!

Future Plans of this Project...?

We plan on keeping this Project running and constantly trying to post new Cheats for you, but that's not possible without you!
If you have any spare Configs for cheats, don't hesitate and share them (if you are registered).
Also, feel free just to create posts about topics you like!

Introducing: Leaked & Random Section!

Yeah, you heard right! You can now post other, Non-CSGO-related Content!
Why? Simply because we also want to expand our Service. We want to gather more Content and Posters, in hope of getting a very active community.

Also, the more attention we get, the more Google displays our Forum on searches of others, the more Users we get!
Either way, it's good for us :P (No, we don't sell your Data to make Profit haha, seriously)​

Introducing: Own Release-Systems for everyone!

Yeah, you can get your own Subdomain (like and own Webpage where you can start your own Release-System for everything: CS:GO Configs, Cracks, Leaks, DLLs, whatever (except RATs, virusses, anything related to terrorism, children, etc)!
Simply DM $aintly on the Discord-Server and start your own Release-System today (or maybe tomorrow, depends when $aintly answers).​

Final Words

It's been a really fun ride until now, People came to meet each other on Discord, found useful things here.
I ($aintly) think, that this is only the beginning of a very awesome Project. It's like... how should I describe it? My English isn't very good, I'm sorry >w<
So uhm... well. What more to say? GL HFHFHFHFHF??!

Okay, jokes aside, have a great time here!​


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This forum is gonna be a wild ride : )