1. Chokez_1

    Outdated Interium.ooo cracked

    Working as of 20th may 2022. Please read "Whereto" txt file. Paste those files in appdata/roaming Also, use csghost injector for injecting hack. Wait for atleast 1 minute after injecting interium.ooo. It takes a while to load into game. Once you see interium watermark, press "Insert" key on...
  2. DavidAZ

    All Of My OTCV3 cfgs/js that you might want (include fake neverlose and advance.tech cracked (If I haven't deleted it yet)

    Not all cfgs, but almost all of them that I gave is pretty good (?) I dunno if any of these have rat, don't blame me The "V4" cfg have advance.tech cracked version. Might move to nixware, or quit HvH for a while.
  3. C

    otcv3 hvh cfg

    i really hope you like it let me know if i need to change anything