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  1. moonstone

    Working Osiris DLL | Working on 14.06.2022

    Tested with CSGhost and working completely fine.
  2. moonstone

    Working LegendWare v4 cracked | Working on 14.06.2022

    Tested with CSGhost v4.3.1 (also posted on this forum)
  3. moonstone

    Announcement r1se, chaos and fall of a legend, and we somewhat back again?!

    r1se took his leave a few months ago from the Counter-Strike Café. I hope you do well, mate! Chaos stopped posting anything, but is still on the Discord. Yay! Also, I will try posting more stuff soon. Btw, I'm in your dreams...
  4. moonstone

    Outdated PlagueCheat crack working on 01.02.2022

    It works, just tested it. They are working on a new version if you are interested in actually buying plague! As always, use CSGhost v4.3.1 (works) and don't use it on Accounts you care about!
  5. moonstone

    Outdated OneTap v3 is back!!

    It really works, just tested in on an alt. If you have any issues (like crashing), please tell in the comments or the Discord, we will assist you with the basic Troubleshooting knowledge! Use CSGhost v4.3.1 and don't use it on accounts you care about...
  6. moonstone

    Announcement My Domain got seized and the Forum is back up for good

    My domain got seized >_> Read more in the Discord. I may add a screenshot here later if I don't forgor ☠️ Forum is now back up with hosting I bought for the new server since my last one got busted but luckily no Data was lost since daily backups and the (sad) inactivity of this Forum. Consider...
  7. moonstone

    Working [Recommended] CSGhost v4.3.1 by KittenPopo

    Here you go. You don’t need to restart steam or so, just run csghost as admin and it will do the rest automatically
  8. moonstone

    Outdated RaweTrip

    Yeah guess where I got this from. you need 7zip to extract this and the password is 123 if you injected but don’t see any icons, install the font-file that’s included in the zip. Configs are at appdata/roaming/rawetrip (one config is already included in the zip) preferred resolution is...
  9. moonstone

    What jacket should I buy?

    So hello, I am in need of a new jacket for the winter. So, I definitely want to have something in the WW2/Wehrmacht style of the Germans so I've come up with some ideas. My first idea: A uniform-jacket with one of those two patches: the first one is the "Gebirgsjäger"-patch (left, translates...
  10. moonstone

    Corsair Legit Config

    It's a config I made for Corsair. Very simple and not many Skins set-up. Features: Pistols have no aim, only silent on very low FOV Deagle has some aim and doesn't always go for head (except you're on it) Rifles are very smooth and have 80% RCS Triggerbot set-up with low delay, USE WITH...
  11. moonstone

    Outdated FluidAim v3 beta | Working on 15.11.2021
  12. moonstone

    Outdated Corsair | Legit Cheat working 15.11.2021

    So uh... here ya go! Virustotal: VirusTotal Download:
  13. moonstone

    Announcement The Counter-Strike Café is back in the game!

    Adressing a Major downtime! So uh, we were down for now almost 2 months. So, what's the reason? Well, we ran out of funds >w< since no one donated. That's pretty sad, but it is how it is (and we also don't want to flood our website with ads). So now you could maybe expect some downtimes every...
  14. moonstone

    Announcement Going public again!

    Welp, after some time, we decided to go public again >w< However, to see the official config section, you still need to register. You can browse cheats however without registering. For registering you still need the code you get on the Discord. Have fun.
  15. moonstone

    Outdated OneTap V3 | 5.12.21

    Currently outdated. When we get a new otcv3 dll that works, we will update it here! Download
  16. moonstone

    What's your favourite artist?

    Recently, I've really been into listening to TRF, Carpenter Brut, NOMA and m.o.v.e. I really listen to them 24/7 non-stop haha. I just love their songs. I only can recommend those: Brain Power by NOMA lights and many more by TRF iNNOVATiON by TRF Everlasthings by TRF Turbo Killer by Carpenter...
  17. moonstone

    Outdated Celestial | Movement Cheat working @ 28.08.2021

    works completely fine ~~ virustotal: ~~ download: see attachments
  18. moonstone

    Announcement Two more themes!

    Added two new themes CSCN-Anniversary (CS:Cafe Version) Based on 007pig's NewvBB 2004 (6i Sawayaka) style, recrafted for XF 2.2 by ShikiSuen. Shades of Grey The default XenForo theme, just in the shades of grey!
  19. moonstone

    Announcement Going private!

    A few days ago, we hit 200 members on the Forums (yay!). So... we just went private, just wanted to have said that. Nothin' much of a big deal.
  20. moonstone

    Cool new song on SoundCloud

    Idk kinda trashy but I like it
  21. moonstone

    Outdated AimFall updated

    Please, this is a joke (this was Nixware back in 2019 & 2020). Only use legit tab don’t use rage xd (or only for fun) only legit I just post it since this was my first cheat ever and I had good moments back in 2019 with this since it was tapping back then. THIS CHEAT SUCKS TODAY IN RAGE, ONLY...
  22. moonstone

    Outdated Cracked

    tested by r1se and chaos
  23. moonstone

    Working Seaside DLL | Skin & Skybox changer (and more)

    Like just a skin and skybox changer. Has some more features but I won’t name them sadrain
  24. moonstone

    p new surround setup

    LET'S GO! Story: My grandfather won these back in the 80s or 70s in a shoppingmall, but he already had his own and gave those my father, now he gave them to me xd
  25. moonstone

    Announcement We need donations for keeping the Forum alive + Better Hosting!

    Uhm... we're now almost one month old (at least the new version with cool Forums), this means, that we upgraded to paid hosting. It costs 5$ a month but we plan on upgrading the plan (to a dedicated server if possible) so the servers get faster and some more stuff. We still have some money left...
  26. moonstone

    Outdated Eternity v5 | Working @ 08.07.2021

  27. moonstone

    Outdated WEAVE.SU v1 Cracked | 05.07.2021 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i recommend using latest csghost instructions: 1. disable antivirus 2. launch injector 3...
  28. moonstone

    Outdated LauncherSU v0.9.9 | OT3, OT2, BlazeHack & Osiris + Custom OT3 Menu Colors

    this loader is very good. instructions: 1. disable antivirus 2. start cs:go 3. unzip .zip file 4. run .exe as admin 5. click on "set" and select "load language file" at the bottom, select the .lsulg file to change into english 6. in "cheats" you can find the cheats - first time injection needs...
  29. moonstone

    Help Documentation

    General Help: Help - Help section to smilies: Smilies - Help section to BB codes: BB codes - Help section to Trophies: Trophies - Help section to Cookie Usage: Cookie usage - Help section to Terms and rules: Terms and rules - Help section to Privacy Policy: Privacy policy
  30. moonstone

    Introduce yourself!

    As the title says, here you can introduce yourself :D So hello, I am Moonstone, you may know me also as $aintly. I am 16 years old and live somewhere in germany. I also made these Forums and the webpage for the Counter-Strike Café (these are awesome guys!) and see forward to a long coorperation...
  31. moonstone

    Outdated CSGhost v4.2.1 by KittenPopo

    From the only and original KittenPopo *if it has a vac bypasser in the injector, idk since I haven't used this one yet, you don't need to use the vac bypasser we have posted* UC Thread - Download - Virustotal
  32. moonstone

    Announcement Hello and welcome!

    Hey, as you may have notices, things have changed. We now have a better Forum powered by XenForo, a better Theme and much more! We'd like to see you be active here, but don't leech, please! Thank you for even reading this, best regards, the Team.